Who Wears Partial Dentures?

You might not be wearing partial dentures now; you might not be wearing full or permanent dentures either. You hope the day never comes that you would have to sit for partial dentures in West Melbourne but this short note does at least help you to prepare. It helps you to prepare for the possibilities. Simply put; you simply cannot rule out the possibilities of you having to be fitted for partial dentures, no matter how well you are still taking care of your teeth and gums.

So, as matters stand now; who wears partial dentures? Those who have had teeth removed, having their dentures repaired, incurred accidental losses and are having dental implants fitted will be wearing partial dentures.

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Those who have had to have one or two teeth removed will be wearing partial dentures. These partial dentures could be temporary fixtures or permanent.

Those who are having their current dentures repaired will be wearing partial dentures. Their affected dental areas need not be exposed to bacteria and other germ-infested diseases.

Those who have just received trauma to the oral and dentures areas as a result of an accident that led to them losing one, two or more teeth could be issued with partial dentures for the time being whilst a permanent set of dentures are being prepared to replace the teeth that they have lost. Needless to say that as part of the emergency treatment in such cases, the dentist will still need to clean the affected area beforehand and remove any debris that may be left behind.

Those who are on the verge of having dental implants placed will be wearing partial dentures to accompany their healing processes as well as sealing off their affected dental areas from the onset of bacteria and other germ-ridden diseases.